Author: Michelle Peters

Boggan’s Oasis

This quaint lodging and restaurant is located in the heart of Steelhead country at the base of a steep canyon grade. This Oasis is nestled at the edge of the Oregon-Washington state line.  A place where anglers, campers, and hunters all meet to begin the day with a hearty breakfast, hot coffee and homemade pies!

Strike & Spare Bar and Grill

A great place for food, fun and spirits! Enjoy one of their famous giant sandwiches for lunch or dinner. Local favorites include the “pork and bird” or the “cock and bull” sandwiches. They are so large most people can only eat half! Add some fries and a pop and you have a meal fit for… Read more »

Zany Graze

Zany’s has created the ultimate marriage of family dining and pub favorites with it’s eclectic menu that includes zushi (aka sushi), burgers, salads and more. The only thing more diverse than their menu is the random pieces of decor throughout the restaurant. This is truly a fun place to eat!

Colter’s Creek Moscow Tasting Room

Colter’s Creek Moscow tasting room is in the heart of the lively downtown scene, surrounded by artisan eateries and historic storefronts. They have been crafting wines from their estate vineyard since 2007. The Moscow tasting room sits in the historic Hattabaugh building, built in 1890. Enjoy wine tasting at the bar, or relax on our… Read more »