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What does your dream vacation look like?

Does it include adventure? Maybe you see yourself riding world-class rapids or catching an enormous sturgeon. Are you looking for a journey, where you can learn something about the place you’re visiting? Perhaps you see yourself on a leisurely trip into Hells Canyon, the deepest river gorge in North America. Do you think vacation means relaxing on an inviting white sandy beach? We got you covered!

No matter how you envision spending your vacation, we can help you find out more about this vacation paradise we call the Lewis Clark Valley, your home base to Hells Canyon. Explore our collection of stories and blogs written about your next great vacation.

Exploring Hells Canyon by Jet Boat

Renewal in the Heart of North Central Idaho

The Lewis Clark Valley in Idaho is Where Food, Art, Wine, and Outdoor Adventure Meet

Absolutely Authentic

Spontaneous Exploration


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