Welcome, Michelle!

Good afternoon, everyone!  February is closing and that means my time here managing the online communities for Hells Canyon Visitor Bureau is at an end.   It’s a little sad for me, but it’s also very exciting to watch the team at HCVB move into the Tour Guide Seat with you, their online  friends and fans!

Beginning tomorrow, March 1, you’ll be getting all your Hells Canyon/LC Valley news and event information straight from HCVB Director Michelle Peters.  Michelle has been heading the HCVB for over 10 years.  A lover of all things outdoors and an accomplished fisherwoman, she can often be found by following her cries of “Fish on!” up and down the Snake, Clearwater and Grande Ronde rivers.  If you’ve got a question about visiting the LC Valley region, she can definitely answer it.  So rest easy, come see us soon, and say hello to Michelle :)

P.S. I’ll still be running amok on Twitter @LisaDJenkins and over onLisaDJenkins.com; drop in and say hello 🙂